Ernest Edward Conerly + Stella Wilmoth Lee

Ernest Edward Conerly ‎(P634741423)‎
Birth 10 May 1880 40 34 Ruth, Lincoln, MS, USA
Death 1 December 1961 ‎(Age 81)‎ McComb, Pike, MS, USA
Chauncey Porter Conerly ‎(P634740259)‎
Birth 25 May 1839 21 17 Ruth, Lincoln, MS, USA
Death 19 December 1903 ‎(Age 64)‎ Summit, Lincoln, MS, USA
Margaret McCullough ‎(P634741421)‎
Birth 24 September 1845 22 18 Ruth, Lincoln, MS, USA
Death 14 May 1930 ‎(Age 84)‎ Ruth, Lincoln, MS, USA

Stella Wilmoth Lee ‎(P634788882)‎
Birth 6 October 1880 23 21 Columbia, Marion, MS, USA
Death 13 December 1963 ‎(Age 83)‎ McComb, Pike, MS, USA
Simon Henry Lee ‎(P915541366)‎
Birth 8 October 1856 26 22 Carroll, MS, USA
Death 15 March 1932 ‎(Age 75)‎ , Marion, MS, USA
Ada Adelia Magee ‎(P915541368)‎
Birth 5 March 1859 27 28 , Marion, MS, USA
Death 30 November 1905 ‎(Age 46)‎ Colombia, Marion, MS, USA
Cecil Lloyd Conerly ‎(P1776422451)‎
Birth 7 August 1902 22 21 Ruth, Lincoln County, Mississippi
Death 25 October 1965 ‎(Age 63)‎ McComb, Pike County, Mississippi
Thelma Mae Conerly ‎(P1776422467)‎
Birth 11 March 1904 23 23 Summitt, Pike County, Mississippi
Death 20 December 1955 ‎(Age 51)‎ Liberty, Amite County, Mississippi
Emmette Jeanne Conerly ‎(P634780297)‎
Birth 10 November 1905 25 25 Columbia, Marion, MS, USA
Death 28 February 1984 ‎(Age 78)‎ Laurel, Jones, MS, USA
Grace Ailene Conerly ‎(P1776422476)‎
Birth 5 February 1908 27 27 Summit, Pike County, Mississippi
Death 18 October 1993 ‎(Age 85)‎ Liberty, Amite County, Mississippi
Margaret Eloise Conerly ‎(P1776422485)‎
Birth 28 December 1910 30 30 Summit, Pike County, Mississippi
Death 26 December 1972 ‎(Age 61)‎ Whitfield, Mississippi
Susie Lee Conerly ‎(P1776422499)‎
Birth 3 June 1913 33 32 Summit, Pike County, Mississippi
Death 22 October 1989 ‎(Age 76)‎ Whitfield, Mississippi
Blanche Lanelle Conerly ‎(P1776422517)‎
Birth 16 May 1916 36 35 Summit, Mississippi
Death 22 September 2006 ‎(Age 90)‎ New Bern, Craven County, North Carolina
Alyce Lynn Conerly ‎(P1776422543)‎
Birth 31 January 1919 38 38 Pike County, Mississippi
Death 24 November 2001 ‎(Age 82)‎ Ridgeland, Madison County, Mississippi
Jeanette Conerly ‎(P1776422550)‎
Birth 26 April 1922 41 41 Summit, Pike County, Mississippi
Death 1 November 1987 ‎(Age 65)‎ Spokane, Spokane, Washington, United States of America

Family Group Information   (F6)
Marriage 23 October 1901 Date, location and name of bride and groom for marriage established by certified handwritten bible record ‎(and a WW1 draft card for wife's middle name)‎ and Newspaper article for Golden Wedding Anniversary. Columbia, Marion, MS, USA

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Show Details Source: Local Summit, MS newspaper: Golden Wedding Anniversary of Ernest Edward Conerly and Stella Wilmoth Lee

Citation Details:  Ernest Edward Conerly married in Columbia, Miss
  Date of entry in original source: 21 October 1951
  Text: Golden Wedding Anniversary - Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Conerly of Summit celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary, Oct. 21, at the home of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Irel Rackley of Jackson, Miss.Mr. and Mrs. Conerly were the happy recipients of numerous congratulations and felicitations from friends, children, and grandchildren during that day.Married 50 years ago in Columbia, Miss., Mr. and Mrs. Conerly moved to Pike County in 1907 and still reside three miles east of Summit. Mr. Conerly is a retired Illinois Central Railroad employe. ‎(sic)‎

Show Details Source: Bible Record, Certified at the Amite County Courthouse
Publication: Not Published
Citation Details:  Stella W. Lee marries Ernest Edward Conerly
  Date of entry in original source: 23 October 1880
  Text: E.E. Conerly was born May 10, 1880 at Ruth Miss Lincol CountyStella W. Conerly was born October 6 1880 at Columbia Miss Marion CoErnest Edward Conerly and Stella Lee Conerly were married October 23, 1901 on WednesdayCecil Lloyd Conerly was born August 7th, 1902 at Ruth Miss Lincoln CountyThelma May Conerly was born March 11, 1904Emmette Conerly was born Nov. 10 1905Grace Conerly was born February 5 1908 in Pike County three miles east of Summit.Eloise Conerly was born Dec 28, 1910 on WednesdaySusie Lee Conerly was born June 3 1913 in Pike County three miles east of Summit.Blanche Conerly was born on Tuesday in Pike Co on May 16, 1916 3 miles from Summit MissAlyce Lynn Conerly was born Jan 31, 1919 in Pike County 3 miles from Summit, MsJeannette Conerly was born on Wednesday April 26, 1922 in Pike County 3 miles east of SummitWritten by the childrens mother when they were born‎(signed)‎ Stella W. Conerly
    Family Bible Record of Stella Wilmoth Lee’s certified at Amite County Courthouse on 13 Dec 1960