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Earliest birth yearMary Souchard ‎(I117)‎
Birth about 1620 , , , France
Latest birth yearThis information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death yearElizabeth Wright ‎(I341)‎
Birth 30 March 1698 Oyster Bay, Nassau, New York, USA
Death 1698/99 (1699) ‎(Age 9 months)‎ Oyster Bay, Nassau, New York, USA
Latest death year Opal Elaine Waldrip ‎(I146)‎
Birth 28 July 1926 24 20 Denmark, Lafayette, Mississippi, USA
Death 7 July 2016 ‎(Age 89)‎ Bartlett, Shelby, Tennessee, USA
Person who lived the longest
Phebe Mrs Harrison ‎(I334)‎
Birth 1686 Oyster Bay, Nassau, New York, USA
Death 6 December 1793 ‎(Age 107)‎ Old Augusta, Rockingham, Virginia, USA
Average age at death
Males: 66   Females: 64
Family with the most children
James Smith + Martha Sarah Pool ‎(F78)‎
Marriage 30 March 1819 , Jones, Georgia, USA
Average number of children per family
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Douglas Dermot Milton ‎(I78)‎
Birth 23 July 1920 23 17 Alva, Montgomery, Mississippi, USA
Death 17 November 1972 ‎(Age 52)‎ Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA
Charles Wyatt Milton ‎(I75)‎
Birth 6 June 1897 51 42 Alva, Webster, Mississippi, USA
Death 17 May 1967 ‎(Age 69)‎ Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA
Ora Bell Hood ‎(I48)‎
Birth 16 September 1902 36 38 Bellefontaine, Webster, Mississippi, USA
Death 29 April 1995 ‎(Age 92)‎ Eupora, Webster, Mississippi, USA
Guy Ottis Waldrip ‎(I132)‎
Birth 12 June 1902 44 28 Lafayette Springs, Lafayette, Mississippi, USA
Death 3 June 1970 ‎(Age 67)‎ Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, USA
Effie Bernice Warren ‎(I160)‎
Birth 4 December 1905 30 28 Thaxton, Pontotoc, Mississippi, USA
Death 2 February 2000 ‎(Age 94)‎ Germantown, Shelby, Tennessee, USA

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